Here you’ll find a selection of my published articles. My areas of expertise include technology, social issues, politics, climate, women and cryptocurrency. You can read more about my writing experience here.

I have contributed to a number of publications including Reuters, Ticker NEWS, Foundr, Catalyst, The City Journal, Out This Year and Odyssey.

I also have a particular interest in writing about Indonesia, having previously lived and worked in Jakarta. I speak Bahasa Indonesia fluently, and have an extensive understanding of the region.

During my time as front-page editor at Ticker NEWS, I wrote about technology, blockchain, business and politics. I extensively covered the US’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. particularly its impact on women and girls.

Here is a selection of my published works:

Bali to Bangkok: China virus threatens disaster for tourist hotspots
Is the future of democracy digital?

Will Indonesia’s ‘Work From Bali’ save the island? | TICKER VIEWS

How will social media change politics and democracy in Australia?

Delta disaster sees approval for Australian Prime Minister plummet

Should governments be doing more to regulate crypto? | Ticker VIEWS

Covid-infected dreams? You’re not the only one

Should big tech be giving a social media megaphone to the Taliban?

Report unveils extent of Covid’s devastating environmental impact

When I became a women my body stopped being my own

“Deeply troubling” report says North Korea has turned on nuclear reactor

Senator threatens Murdoch with subpoena following refusal to front inquiry

Communist nation embraces cryptocurrency to avoid US sanctions

Jailed Putin critic reveals shocking conditions within Russia’s prisons

The shocking true cost of Covid-19 on the travel industry

Big tech and finance join forces in cybersecurity crackdown

“Real danger” of rouge ISIS terror attack on Kabul airport

Qantas announces devastating $2.3B loss

Airline to penalise unvaccinated employees with pricey health insurance

Bitcoin smashes past $50,000, marking three month high

Countdown is on for Netflix to release its reality TV program in space

Alibaba sexual harassment investigation: ‘no evidence to prove rape’

Death toll from devastating Haiti earthquake nears 1300 people

US slams China for imprisoning Canadian man linked to Huawei case

Elon Musk offers for SpaceX to make NASA’s next-gen spacesuits

US Senators target Apple and Google app store monopolies with new bill

German police arrest British ambassador suspected of spying for Russia

How to buy a ticket aboard a Virgin Galactic flight for $450,000 a pop

Taliban militants seize control of major city in Afghanistan

Researchers reveal China’s huge network of fake social media profiles

As Greece battles flames, experts deem Mediterranean a ‘wildfire hotspot’

US payment giant to buy Afterpay in multi-billion dollar deal

Indians struggling with medical debt turn to crowdfunding

Amazon slammed with record-breaking fines over privacy concerns

Sydney asks Australian army to assist Covid-19 restriction enforcement

The UK reopens to fully vaccinated travellers from Europe and US

Streaming killed the cinema star: Warner Bros to ditch cinema in 2022

Social media goes sci-fi with Zuckerberg’s proposal for ‘Facebook Metaverse’

Former Australian PM slams vaccine disaster as nation’s”biggest failure”

US says Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson aren’t astronauts

Australia blocks UNESCO from ruling the Great Barrier Reef as “in danger” from climate change

Crypto suffers huge losses across the board – but can they recover?

Wally Funk: the female trailblazer who’s the oldest person to go to space

Major oil company makes multi-billion dollar move away from fossil fuels

National security act: bipartisan senators propose bill against war

Trump ally charged with foreign lobbying

Massive data leak includes the phone numbers of 13 world leaders

World’s richest man blasts off into new era for space tourism

LA to Vegas in half an hour: the future of transport has arrived

Melbourne in lockdown limbo: state locked down with no end in sight

Why Aussies are turning to a TikTok comedian for Covid-19 information

“Turn off your mobile phone”: Pope says he’s found the solution for stress

At least 189 dead and hundreds missing after catastrophic floods in Western Europe

Boris Johnson backtracks on refusal to self-isolate

‘Communism is a failed system’: Cuba cracks down on social media access amid protests

Apple is releasing an exciting new product, but it’s not an iPhone

Richard Branson space flight: should billionaires be going to space? | Ticker VIEWS

Russian REVIL cyber gang disappears after demanding $70M in Bitcoin

The murder of Haiti’s president could lead to a crisis beyond Africa | Ticker VIEWS

New tech allows parents to hold a 3D printed version of their unborn baby

Award-winning Dutch crime reporter fighting for his life following shooting

China’s anti LGBTIQ+ crackdown on university students

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